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Kardashian Kurse

I am trying to be strong, but the constant endorsements by the Kardashian/Jenner family is starting to hurt my willpower.

The more i see these beautiful Celine bag’s plastered everywhere, the more i’m obsessed with them!!
When did i become such a mindless consumer??

But look, how pretty!!!! 😦
Sigh… I am a bit bias on Kourtney. I think she has the best style by far.
I mean… see the difference between pregnant Kim, and pregnant Kourtney. Erk.


Is it too late to ask for a birthday handbag Muuzi? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


Raya Fever already

A fashion post from possibly the least fashionable person you know; Me.

I am being soooo torn between my desire to save money for moving day, or to splurge everything i own on these beauties from acclaimed Malaysian designer, Jovian Mandagie’s new line Falling Feathers.

I think this would be the most practical one for me, it’s flowly, and still gorgeous. Not too flashy.
Everyone needs a supermom, now she has a CAPE!! I love this, but am i bold enough to wear a cape in public?… sadly no.
Cool like Ice on FIRE!! If Katniss Everdeen had a pakaian tradisional segment during the games, this would be the dress!!
Honestly my favourite design of all.. however i don’t know if the XL size will be as impressive on me as it does on her.

So the above are obviously all gorgeous!! The prices range from RM350 – RM500, but it is a designer piece, so you can’t really complain. All available now, on Zalora.

Other designer wear that caught my eye was thisΒ lovely, much more my sytle kaftan from my lovely cousin Nisa Mazbar, andΒ this AMAAAZING piece by Rizalman which i feel, without a doubt i absolutely must have…. but will resist. Because i need to save for the new house!!!

Laid back and chic, much more my style.
I adore this so much it’s crazy, but must resiiisssstttt…