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The tales of our married life obviously.

34 Weeks.

Only 6 weeks to go and i’m happy to announce that most of the things on my list has been cleared!

  • We’ve managed to move some stuff around, and found some space for the new addition.
  • We’ve settled on a hospital, KJMC. Been there twice so far for check ups, and i’m feeling pretty good about it.
  • We are officially free of boxes. We sent off the last of the storage boxes down to in laws in ipoh.
  • We’ve set up an account on Carousell, to sell off additional items that we can’t find space for. Take a look.
  • Bought a diaper bag.

Now we just need to….

  • Assembled the crib.
  • Source a car seat to buy.
  • Buy a pump.
  • Pack hospital bag
  • Handover work!

We are all systems go! Now if only the haze would go away so we can spend some wonderful time outdoors.


Baby Blues.


It has finally happened. My inability to keep my emotions in check has bubbled over to the surface and something that I promised would never happen to me… Happened today.

I cried.. at work. Not about work specifically, but more on the stress that work caused.

Theres so much going on under the surface that it all sort of bubbled over.

So much to deal with in such a short amount of time left to do it in.


  • Pick a effin hospital to give birth in. Since our original plan of going with the DR who delivered Mahdi fell thru. I’ve been stress about this. Private hospitals are waaaayyyy out of our budget and frankly we were not prepared for Plan B.
  • Putting the crib together… or even some form of nursery for the baby seems impossible right now. Because my house is still a glorified storage room. U’d think we’d be able to find an inch of space for a newborn in this 1600sqft house. sigh.
  • BUY BABY CRAP. Essentials like a breastpump, a carseat.. honestly i think this baby is gonna have to just survive on hand-me-downs until we get our shit together… seriously, how did everything suddenly become so much more expensive this time around. sigh again.
  • sort out confinement details. Urut? no urut? I didn’t do it when i had Mahdi… and it’s something i’ve always regretted. But am i ready to part with money i so desperately need? Is it rreeaaaaaallllyyy important? #stressingmeout
  • Work handover list. dont. even. get. me. started.

Me bursting out to tears every now and then has at least ONE positive outcome. It’s has signalled the husband that he needs to pitch in and help me deal with this stuff. So i’m glad to finally have someone in my corner.

Nesting.. in overdrive.

Third trimester has loomed it’s head. Leaving us frantic…. WHERE DID THE TIME GO!!?

Suddenly, we have 12 weeks to prepare for a new baby. The house is in such bad shape.

– we’re still surrounded by boxes.

– we have NO SPACE for the crib or baby crap.

– the partition hasn’t been built. all the doors are broken. Fan in mama’s room doesn’t work. Now my sofa is broken due to an unfortunate incident.

– the bathtub rack needs to be spray painted cuz it’s rusty.

– we haven’t got a stroller/carseat/crib.

– confinement details/maternity leave details

– work replacement/handovers. argh.


SO MUCH STREEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS and i hate i can’t do all this shit myself!


A week of Dengue.

It’s been a rough couple of days at #theMookies household.

Hubs in was hospitalised with dengue, since saturday, and now Mahdi is showing signs of fever as well.

I’ve been shuttling between work, hospitals and home this whole week. Luckily my boss understood and i was able to work remotely on thursday, before finally taking leave on friday. It’s been hell. But you gotta do what you gotta do for your family.

I’ve been sooo busy taking care of sick people that i actually forgot that it was my anniversary on thursday. I only was reminded when my sister wished me. Urgh. What a way to celebrate right?

Hopefully if all goes well, Mooky will be out today and i’ll finally have my family home again.


Every year the scene during raya becomes more and more about updating statuses, rather than actual conversations.

I miss the old days when raya was this crazy noisy event, where all my grandparents siblings would come over to Taman Melawati and just talk for hours.

Now, it’s more like eat, take pics and let’s check in to the next location.

This year, i intend to let Mahdi experience Raya like how me and Alia did. With no iPhones or iPads to distract him. I think it’s going to be a great year. πŸ™‚

Hi There…

Can’t believe it’s already July! It’s been a few months since i last posted, and a LOT has happened.

If you haven’t been keeping track of my life here’s a summary.

– We bought a new car.. it shall be our family car. But i’m happy that i could get it under my own name.
– I haven’t given up #ProjectRumahKami… but i haven’t done anything to help it along. Waiting is the name of the game at the moment.
-Things are going really great at work. And i’m really loving what i’m doing.
–Β Me and Mahdi made cookies for raya. So that was pretty fun! Except he kept eating all the sprinkles. lol.

1250 1251

So much other stuff happening that i can’t really keep track of right now. But hopefully i’ll have time to update this space again soon.

til then.