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Mahdi Vs. HFMD

Poor boo contracted the Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease.

He went to the babysitter on Monday (He only goes on Monday’s since my mom teaches classes on that day).

Then on Tuesday i got the news that Aleesya (she goes to the same babysitter) was diagnosed with HFMD, then on Thursday night Mahdi had a slight fever, which i thought was because of his teething issues. But then on Friday morning, we noticed little red spots on his face.

Luckily he’s so white, that just one spot will be super obvious… let alone a few dozen.

Poor spotty little boo.
Poor spotty little boo.
Not loving his new crib.
Not loving his new crib.

Mama being specialized in childcare and trained by experts to detect HFMD at her old preschool, rang every alarm bell, and we left straight for the hospital.

He was admitted into Tropicana Medical the next 2 nights for observation, since his temperature was rather high and he had some ulcers inside his mouth which made his food intake poor.

Finally got the all clear to go home 2 days later. Yay.

Me and Boo at the hospital waiting to check out.

I just wanna say thank god for his medical insurance or this whole ordeal would have cost us an arm and a leg. When did healthcare become so damn expensive??

I used to think that insurance was stupid, and a scam, since it’s really a gamble cuz you never know if you will ever get sick. I myself, have never been so sick, that i had to be hospitalized. Except when i had Mahdi that is..

Then i see cases like our dear friend (RIP), being so young and active and then suddenly have an aneurysm and drop into a coma. 😦 Luckily he had lots of friends who were willing to donate to ease his family’s medical bills. If it was me, who would want to donate to that lazy blogger who had a few good friends and posted way too many photos of her kid. sigh.

Shows that you could never too prepared for a rainy day.


Time Lapse rant.

If there was one thing i could change about my past, it’s the fact that i never had any savings as a child.

Any money i did have was used to support my family, pay for my education or spend frivolously on dumb things.

I feel jealous when i see my friends who’s parents worked hard in collecting a little comfortable nest egg for their kids. So they can pay for Uni, or buy a house later in life.

Now in trying to buy our house, it seems so difficult since we don’t have RM40,000 just laying around to pay the deposit. And all the things that the government put in place to ‘help’, doesn’t really help at all.

As if it’s not bad enuff the prices of the houses in Malaysia are borderline insane… i mean, half a million for an apartment in Sungai Buloh…. REALLY!???

I mean, If we can afford the monthly repayments of a 100% loan, WHY can’t we get a 100% LOAN?? It’s so freaking unfair.

You can be sure that I’m not going to let Mahdi have this issue when he grows up. Image