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34 Weeks.

Only 6 weeks to go and i’m happy to announce that most of the things on my list has been cleared!

  • We’ve managed to move some stuff around, and found some space for the new addition.
  • We’ve settled on a hospital, KJMC. Been there twice so far for check ups, and i’m feeling pretty good about it.
  • We are officially free of boxes. We sent off the last of the storage boxes down to in laws in ipoh.
  • We’ve set up an account on Carousell, to sell off additional items that we can’t find space for. Take a look.
  • Bought a diaper bag.

Now we just need to….

  • Assembled the crib.
  • Source a car seat to buy.
  • Buy a pump.
  • Pack hospital bag
  • Handover work!

We are all systems go! Now if only the haze would go away so we can spend some wonderful time outdoors.


Home Office?

Muuzi recently quit his advertising job in favor of focusing on other projects and freelance work.
This is due to his health needs, and having to take it a lil slower. ‘sorry baby, you ain’t 25 anymore…’ LOL.

Anyhow, we’ve been discussing what to do with the downstairs bedroom… We toyed with the idea of a maids room, but honestly, im not into trusting ‘maids’ to take care of Mahdi and live in my house..

Finally we decided that it should be a home office… But since the room is so small, we started looking for some inspiration on small home office spaces. 🙂

I really like these clean, simple and organized designs for Muuzi. We could put up his band posters and really make the space look cool.
Or we could go the elegant and sophisticated route, with chandelier lighting and textured wallpaper 😀 (I LOVE!!)…. I guess we’ll see how it goes. 😉

Impatient Me.

Urgghhhh…. why does buying a house take sooooooo long!!!?

Just heard that our lawyers are on holiday. Gahhh….

So now, we are still waiting on finalizing our S&P agreement. I feel like we’ve been trying to buy this house forever. and ever. and ever.

It’s absolutely gut wrenching to know exactly what you want… but have to wait for someone to give it to you in order to get it….. I feel like i’m going to burst whenever i think about it, which is most of the time 😦 😦

Last weekend, we just drove around the neighborhood, trying to pinpoint places to buy groceries, and good places to eat. sigh. It’s so sad that we can already see our lives there, however we haven’t signed anything yet. Sigh.

Really hope the lawyers will hurry up.

On a side note, Muuzi’s parents are back from Riyadh today. How fun it will be for Mahdi to have all his Grandparents around again. 🙂

I’m also very much looking forward to Mahdi’s Little Kickers trial class this Saturday. Little Kickers is a tiny soccer league for kids aged 18mths to 7years old. Sounds like such fun!! I am already seriously thinking of enrolling Mahdi for the classes, but we’ll have to see how the class goes. And also how much moolah am i gonna have to fork out in order to get my kid some football lessons.

Anyhow, i’m just glad i will have something else to keep me busy, rather than just obsessing about our future home. 🙂

For Mahdi's room?
PS: How cute is this wallpapered closet idea?!!

#ProjectRumahKami: To Zigzag or to Chevron??

It’s insanely impossible to not notice the trend of chevron overload lately.

ps: How cute are those Chevron baby shoes!?

Its everywhere (heck, it’s even the background of this blog!)! From nail polish, to dresses, leggings, walls, furniture, and even cakes! Chevron might be simply a fancy way to say zigzag, but i can’t help it! I’m in LOVE!!

It’s apparent from all the pins i’ve collected in my Home Deco Board that i’m extremely bias with this trend.

I only hope that i can censor myself enough so that our home doesn’t end up looking like crazy zigzag land.

Check out a few of my all time favourite Chevron trends for home deco!

Kitchen backsplash? Yes PLEASE. But might be a little overwhelming. hmm.
Maybe something like this instead?
Maybe for Mahdi's or the Guest room?
Maybe for Mahdi’s or the Guest room?
I absolutely LOVE this flooring, but i'm pretty sure it would be way to much for our small space.
I absolutely LOVE this flooring, but i’m pretty sure it would be way to much for our small space.
Maybe for the balconi deck?
Maybe for the balconi deck?
this floor is amazing!! Definitely need this.
this floor is amazing!! Definitely need this.
LOVE the Navy!
LOVE the Navy!
Too cute..
Too cute..
We don't intend to have shower curtains, but how cute is this!?
We don’t intend to have shower curtains, but how cute is this!?
I'm in love with this idea of having a unique door. All i need to do now is convince Muuzi that we need this.
I’m in love with this idea of having a unique door. All i need to do now is convince Muuzi that we need this.
Loving the turquoise.. and the pillows!
Loving the turquoise.. and the pillows!
Again with the navy.. this time with yellow accent. LOVE!

So as you can see, i’m in a dilemma. I love this pattern so much… but obviously i can’t have it in every room.

So what stays? Hmmmm…

#ProjectRumahKami – Mahdi’s Room

Being a mom puts a lot of things in perspective…

So one of the main reasons I want our own house is so we can have somewhere to build a family and raise Mahdi in the best environment possible.

While obsessively pinning things on pinterest, i came across  this Montessori style toddler bedrooms which i LOVE.

Check out some photos below.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI love this toddler room!

15878f7daa42990a45f4c7148f75aea6Beautiful Room Deco!

7dfef4d0e0dfc0080a82873cc3671ac9Oil Drip pan magnetic tray.

183c232a072ccd781aa2036cb7205195Ikea Spice Rack bookself!! Love this idea so much!

fb7f8b1f6e6618c4b2d9a942e35ff603Montessori gear

Bookshelf worktable… soooo cute!

Low mirror for some face time.

Cute wall feature!

#ProjectRumahKami – Intro

We are on the final stages of getting our new home in Damansara Damai.

Unfortunately it’s gonna be another 6 months until we get the keys…. so i’ve got all this time to OBSESS over every little tiny detail of it.

If you follow me on pinterest, you can see that my pinning is a bit erratic as a can pin up to 100 pins an hour… as i said. I’m obsessed with this project.

We never really had a home when i was growing up. My mom rented a lot.. and MOVED a LOT. We basically lived out of boxes like modern day nomads. So when i got a family of my own, i made it very clear, we would need our own home. Lucky for me, Muuzi agrees.

So bare with me over the next 6 months, as i might rant a lot about home deco and pictures like this… which i LOVE! 🙂