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My little nickname for my husband, Mundzir Abdul Latif

#MookiesinPhuket Day 2:

It was a miserably rainy morning when we woke up today in Phuket.

We were excited to start our day, because today…. We were going ISLAND HOPPING!!

The weather was still gloomy, but despite the weather the tour took place anyway. We went to swim in Pirate cove, stopped by Monkey island (more like looked at it from a distance), had lunch on Phi Phi island and chilled on Khai island. We had to skip Maya bay, because of the weather… it would have been quite dangerous.

Anyway… (lots of) photos below

Our beautifully simple hotel in Patong, Amata Resort.
Muuzi is happy cuz he got his coffee.
I wanted to make it obvious that i was a tourist. lol
Big man planning our day
Our lovely tourguide..
Phuket Travel speed boat
I hate this photo of me, but it was the only one we took on the boat. -_-
Pirate Cove
Still smiling despite the crap weather
Foooooodd! Lunch on Koh Phi Phi island.


#MookiesinPhuket Day 1: Rain…

We finally arrived Phuket!! Too excited!

We arrived at 4.45PM Thai time, and there was a hotel rep waiting for us.. It took almost 1 and a 1/2 hours to get to the hotel, because of the rain and traffic. Urgh. Finally got there a few mins before 6.30PM… And it was still raining.

Since it was late, we just took a quick shower and just went to dinner at a nearby pakistanian shop. We were quite surprised at how expensive everything was… 50baht (RM5.15) for plain white rice, and 260 baht (RM26.70) for chicken curry..

Since it was late, and raining, we took a short stroll around Junceylon Mall, and walked back to our hotel.

Can’t wait for tomorrows island hopping trip! Yay.

Muuzi’s 31st Birthday!

Had a small prebirthday celebration for Muuzi with the Genting Crew last night at Darren and Julie’s home in TTDI.

It was fun to just hang out with the gang without getting all dressed up and going out. Plus we got to bring Mahdi, and that was fun up to the point where he pooed and we have to leave cuz we didnt have enuff diapers. #ParentingFAIL.

Check out some of the pictures from that night. (Mostly stolen from various instagrams. πŸ™‚

Cake was sponsored by Noreen and Sufiz. I personally requested that they get lots of candles! LOL
Mahdi and Sufiz acting cool
Teamwork was needed to blow out all those candles! πŸ™‚
GC on Muuzi's 31st Birthday!
Good friends!
Sufiz, Jazz, Debbie, Noreen, JT, Muuzi, Me, Mahdi and Darren! Photo taken by Ms Julie.

To the loves of my life…

It’s Valentines Day, and since people make a big deal about celebrating it these days, i think it’s a time to reflect on the love aspect, not the history of it.Β Besides, it’s not the day that matters, but the reminder that you have special people in your life and you should acknowledge, and tell them you love them…. before it’s too late.

And since i’m spending this day in the hospital watching over Muuzi and Mahdi as they sleep, it makes me feel so grateful that they are in my life.

For better or for worst. We are family. πŸ™‚

Happy V Day.

KPJ Antenatal Class

Yesterday (Saturday), me and Muuzi experienced a day of learning in KPJ Selangor Antenatal class…

The class is held for first time parents like us to learn everything we’d need to know about the birth process, breastfeeding, baby grooming, and just answering any question we might have..

It’s only about RM80 percouple, and i found the lectures very resourceful, but unfortunately was distracted by Muuzi falling asleep every 5 mins. With the RM80 you pay, you get breakfast, lunch and tea breaks… as well as a goodie bag with a bunch of useful pamphlets, printed notes and a free box of baby soap (sponsored by Johnsons)

The nurse giving the seminar was a 65 year old lady with a teaching degree and a masters… so she thought she was pretty big stuff.. she kept sharing intimate details about her life with us, eventho no one really wanted to know. But she was definitely resourceful, that is for sure..

The best part was when she started showing us videos for breastfeeding, and a gruesome video of a woman giving birth and having a episiotomy (OMGaaaah, the horrror!)… thru it all, i honestly still haven’t decided on a birthing plan.. they all look equally horrifying.

After the 8am – 6.30pm class, me and Muuzi had to rush off to Saujana Resort for his Ex-bandmate Hafiz’s wedding ceremony… newly weds Izal and Leng were thereΒ  as well, since the rest of the boys of One Buck Short were in Kuching.

Mrs and Mr Mooky
I seriously can’t get over how big i’ve gotten recently… like how am i even upright is a miracle.

A few more weeks to the due date… and we still have so much to figure out.

I’m thinking of delivering the baby *naturally* in Selayang Hospital, and honestly that’s about as far as my planning has gotten.

Disclaimer: *Naturally* may involve some heavy narcotics… at this point i’m not sure how bad the pain will be, so let’s not be all heroic and rule out drugs just yet.