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The hunt for PreSchools part-1

mahdi preschool

I say it’s part 1 because i’m sure that it’s not going to end here.

Here is a shortlist of schools that i’m considering.

Kinderland, Sri Hartamas (
Tulip Montessori, Bangsar (
The Brainy Bunch, Taman Tun (
Sparkles Montessori, Sri Hartamas (

Another one that i’m interested in, but is definitely not in my price range is Julia Gabriel, Bangsar. They have a great programme, cuz my mom used to work there, but as i said. It’s super expensive. 😦

I’ll soon add and eliminate this list once i’ve done more research on it.


The Preschool Nightmare

So it has begun..

Muuzi and me have been putting off enrolling Mahdi in preschool for awhile now. Since everytime i think about paying someone i don’t know to take care of my boy, i keep feeling his much better off being with people who genuinely love him.

It’s no secret that i stopped working and stayed home with Mahdi for the first 9 months of his life, and once i got a job, my mom took over. And honestly it’s been great. He is happy and knows that he is greatly loved.

But now he’s a rambunctious 15 month old, who weighs around 10KG’s, and vs. my mom who is 56 years old… who is easily tired out and prone to severe backpains from carrying him around.

So as much as it annoys me to have someone else take care of my boy. It has to be done. sigh.

But that is only half of my problem.


It’s honestly almost as expensive as my degree at MMU.  And honestly.. he’s only 1.3 years old! I’m not expecting him to be a rocket scientist. I just want a place for him to meet other kids and maybe sing songs and play with some blocks.

These ‘schools’ are trying to shove religion, science, and maths programmes down these kids throats.

It’s insane. They even have exams…..


i don’t remember learning anything important in kindergarten. Mostly just gluing stuff together and a whole LOT of colouring with crayons.

Is it too much to ask for a normal clean and safe preschool with happy kids, with song and dance and learning thru play which isn’t an insane RM1000/a month, is that an absolutely ridiculous request?

Check out this article for futher info:

Baby genius
What do you mean the stock market for teddy’s is going down!!??