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My Murtaugh list..

A few years ago, “How I Met Your Mother” aired an episode called “Murtaugh,” in which one of the main characters, Ted, lists things he’s too old to do anymore. With my birthday just around the corner, I got to thinking about growing up and what’s expected of you at a certain age. With that in mind, I decided to make my own Murtaugh list. Some of these things I have done, some I have probably always felt too old to do, and some I have simply missed my window for.

Any way you slice it, I’m too old for this stuff.

Here are 28 things I can no longer do now that I am 28.

1. Wear really short booty shorts (with words across my ass) outside of my house;
2. Wear superhero/tv/movie related T-shirts, although i REALLY want this!
3. Wear offensive/ironic T-Shirts;
4. Let someone talk me into doing something I really don’t want to do;
5. Go to a hipster party/rave.
6. Not ask for help when I need it;
7. Go out without make – up (really gotta work on this)
8. Order milo ais instead of coffee..
9. Take selfies alone, or do duck-face poses.
10. Rely solely on take-out; instead of cooking.
11. Be afraid/too shy to ask for refills at McDonalds.
12. Look the other way when I think I’m being lied to;
13. Get involved with drama that does not concern me.
14. Pull an all-nighter and think i’ll be able to survive work the next day (fool!);
15. Pretend to be something I’m not;
16. Have unframed posters on my wall (as originally stated by one Ted Mosby);
17. Have caller ringtones, or having a pop song as my ringtone.
18. Skip going to the dentist;
19. Say the phrases “awesome”; “sokayh yo”; “epic fail”; or “cayalaaah”;
20. Drink out of plastic cups; eat out of plastic plate….
21. Sleep until pass noon, regularly; with no shame.
22. Own a lava lamp, a Justin Bieber poster, or anything that glows in the dark;
23. Keep thinking someone horrible will “change”; they won’t.
24. Not use sunscreen. LEARN TO FEAR WRINKLES AYESHA!!
25. Post photos of hot actors on Facebook. This might creep Mahdi out in future.. 
26. Eat Junkfood; after 8PM.
27. Not be afraid to say ‘No, i don’t want your stupid brochure’,
28. Despite always wanting to.. i am definitely too old to dye my hair an obscure color like pink/red or purple. :sad face:

ps: 29. Too old to say :sad face:?? NEVER!!!!!
ImageHaving a birthday soon? Share with me what are you getting too old for?


My 30 before 30 list

In a few days, i turn 27 years old. Gaaaahhhhhh…

It’s so crazy how this last few years have just flown by… and in three years, i’ll be reaching the big 3-0, so i thought it would be fun to make a list of things have yet/would like to accomplish before i turn 30.

Obviously, i’ve done the big ticket items… like, get married, get a baby. But there’s SO MUCH MORE that i want to achieve/do before i turn 30..

1. Own a house
2. Learn to cook awesome Nasi Lemak.
3. Get a cat!
4. Go hiking
5. Reach your target weight!!!
6. Master cooking up a gourmet 5-course meal.
7. Learn to surf.
8. Go Deep Sea Diving
9. Start a business
10. Learn Yoga
11. Create a canvas acrylic painting
12. Fly a kite
13. Own something ridiculous
14. Go to Phuket
15. Take dancing lessons.
16. Go to Greece
17. See a historic monument
18.Visit the relatives in the UK
19. Spend an entire day at a spa
20. Rock out at a foreign music festival.
21. Master a karaoke song. Flawlessly.
22. Learn guitar.
23. Learn to sew my own clothes.
24. Actually drive out of town… (amazingly haven’t done this yet)
25. Go fruit/apple picking in an orchard with Mahdi.
26. Learn a foreign language.
27. Watch the cherry blossoms bloom in Japan
28. Try fancy sushi/sashimi (not the generic crabmayo ones)
29. Bathe in a waterfall
30. Have another baby. 🙂