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Midnight Rant

When someone proclaims ‘I’m an advocate for Breastfeeding’.
It makes me wonder what does that even mean?

Unless you have documentation or are a certified lactation consultant you have no business offering your take on what makes a good mother.

Everyone already knows breastfeeding is good for their babies. And obviously everyone wants their kids to be healthy and give them the best. Unfortunately sometimes people just cant follow thru with the hardships of breastfeeding, and i don’t blame them. It is the HARDEST thing to do, i swear labour contraction is nothing compared to having engorged breast, bleeding nipples and mastitis (ouch).
Personally, Iย endure breastfeeding, because i feel my kids will benefit from it. But i really feel its not my or anyone else’s place to judge what other mothers want to do with their kids. I’m sure they have debated and have their own reasons to not breastfeed. So all those so called ‘advocates’ should keep their opinions to themselves.
Same goes for those ‘advocates’ for co-sleeping, baby-wearing, holistic, early-weening, organic-know-it-alls.
I’m an advocate for just keeping my mouth shut.

Trimester 1.

Last night was horrible.
Was throwing up chunks thx to morning sickness while having migraine. Literally felt i would die facedown in the bathroom. Then i took a shower and started remembering all the things i hated about being pregnant.

Thats right i HATE it.

Then not sure why. Maybe it was hormones but i started to cry. Bawling tears of guilt for feeling so horrid over something that not everyone gets to have.

Then a little voice came from the other side of the bathroom door. My 3yearold son pushed the door open and said meekly ‘Are you ok Mama?’.

I quickly got my towel, got out of the shower and gave him a long hug and told him i was ok.

If being miserable and pregnant the first time around got me to him. Suddenly being sick and miserable now felt like an achievement. I can’t wait to meet the next little troublemaker.

PMS gives me strength.

PMS gives me strength.

Maybe it’s just biological, or maybe having your period makes more alert of all the idiots out there. However could also be from the lack of sleep, since Mahdi woke up at 3am and puked milk all over the bed. -_-.

Multiple issues were brought to my attention this morning, and it has me in a pissy mood.

Anyhow, here’s short list of things that piss me off today.

  • People saying that our young are screwed, because they are brought up playing iPads, instead of playgrounds. I get this, but seriously, have you seen the conditions of your local playground? I know mine is terrible, and we still try and find time to bring Mahdi there once in awhile. But i understand this is a luxury that many don’t have. We really can’t compare what we had back then, and what our children have.
  • Seeing pictures of Miley Cyrus that look like this on the internet…. Too many things piss me off about this picture that i don’t even know where to start.
    • Idiot customers who complain sarcastically on facebook, seriously, i don’t bloody have time to figure out if you are being sarcastic or not. I am trying to help your stupid ass, so some common courtesy and manners would be really helpful in me solving your problems.
    • Comments like this on Kim Kardashian’s photo of her daughter North West.

North West
North West commentsDisgusting people. Simply disgusting. I get why people don’t like Kim, her family or Kanye…. but wishing a baby would die, or be gassed? DISGUSTINGLY, FOUL HORRIBLE PEOPLE.

After making this list, it is clear that all my anger and annoyance all stems from the basic absence of humanity, humility and common sense… which i blame the internet for desensitizing this generation. People think if they are behind a keyboard, they can say anything, poke fun at things in the privacy of their homes and aliases.

Being a social media manager, i definitely see more than my fair share of cyber bullying, fueled by ignorance in humanity and manners. I think we should have social media etiquette classes thought at a school level. Something like moral studies, but for the future internet savvy generation.

It’s the only thing that would make sense.



This morning seemed perfectly innocent, then this news came accross my path.

I mean, don’t get me wrong… Ben Affleck is an O-k actor. But he doesn’t seem right as a superhero.

Because no one wants to see that mess in tights.

I know i probably will get over it. Besides the movie is about Henry Cavill and his cheekbones. Not about ‘Batman’.

Time will make things easier to accept things as they are, i suppose. ๐Ÿ™‚

Something different.

I had promised myself that this blog would no longer be a place where i vent and complain. Since i want this part of my life to be happy, and always positive.

But honestly, this whole racial segregation that is happening in Malaysia (and at school even) is ridiculous.

I went to a all girl school, i can safely say we had 98% malays and about 2% different races.

Never, has it ever been an issue that someone was bullied or treated less for being a different race. I myself am a mix of various different races, and i don’t feel that it has had anything to do with who i am today. It all depends on how you were raised.

If you were raised by bigots. Most probably you will probably be petty and not understand what Malaysia is all about.

When i was standard 2, my bestfriend Siti had a fight with a chinese boy, because he called our ‘Agama Room’ bilik Ikan and she got upset to the point of tears (backstory, there was a picture of a fish on the door).. But even then, i remember thinking to myself, that why is she getting so upset that someone is so stupid, that they don’t respect you? Crying bloody murder to someone who is already stupidly ignorant, is not going to make them somehow smarter.

People should take the time to educate each other, and use your words.. instead of immediately taking offence and getting all upset. Chill, take a breather and reflect… Maybe mamat ni tak expose to manners? Or dia memang nak provoke, why wanna get offended, be the bigger person.. because if you don’t fuel the fire, the fire will eventually die out.


Impatient Me.

Urgghhhh…. why does buying a house take sooooooo long!!!?

Just heard that our lawyers are on holiday. Gahhh….

So now, we are still waiting on finalizing our S&P agreement. I feel like we’ve been trying to buy this house forever. and ever. and ever.

It’s absolutely gut wrenching to know exactly what you want… but have to wait for someone to give it to you in order to get it….. I feel like i’m going to burst whenever i think about it, which is most of the time ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Last weekend, we just drove around the neighborhood, trying to pinpoint places to buy groceries, and good places to eat. sigh. It’s so sad that we can already see our lives there, however we haven’t signed anything yet. Sigh.

Really hope the lawyers will hurry up.

On a side note, Muuzi’s parents are back from Riyadh today. How fun it will be for Mahdi to have all his Grandparents around again. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m also very much looking forward to Mahdi’s Little Kickers trial class this Saturday. Little Kickers is a tiny soccer league for kids aged 18mths to 7years old. Sounds like such fun!!ย I am already seriously thinking of enrolling Mahdi for the classes, but we’ll have to see how the class goes. And also how much moolah am i gonna have to fork out in order to get my kid some football lessons.

Anyhow, i’m just glad i will have something else to keep me busy, rather than just obsessing about our future home. ๐Ÿ™‚

For Mahdi's room?
PS: How cute is this wallpapered closet idea?!!