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100 most famous left-handed people of all time

Happy Left-Handers day to all fellow lefties! πŸ˜€

Let’s take a look at my pick on top 100 most famous left-handed people of all time.


Leonardo Da Vinci
Paul Klee
Michelangelo Buonaroti
Henri de Toulouse Lautrec
Peter Paul Rubens


Amitabh & Abhishek Bachchan
Drew Barrymore
Kim Basinger
Kenneth Branagh
Pierce Brosnan
Jim Carrey
Charlie Chaplin
Tom Cruise
Robert De Niro
Matt Dillon
Morgan Freeman
Judy Garland
Whoopi Goldberg
Angelina Jolie
Nicole Kidman
Val Kilmer
Lisa Kudrow
Marilyn Monroe
Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen
Sarah Jessica Parker
Brad Pitt
Keanu Reeves
Julia Roberts
Jennifer Saunders
Sylvester Stallone
Scarlett Johansson
Chewbacca the Wookie


Lewis Carroll
Bill Bryson
Germaine Greer
Berthold Schwartz
Janet Street Porter


Matt Groening
Bart Simpson


Harpo Marx


James Cameron
Spike Lee


Benjamin Britten
David Bowie
Celine Dion
Kurt Cobain
Noel Gallagher
Bob Geldof
Jimi Hendrix
Annie Lennox
Sir Paul McCartney
Ricky Martin


Melinda Messenger
Magnus Magnusson
Ted Koppel

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Something different.

I had promised myself that this blog would no longer be a place where i vent and complain. Since i want this part of my life to be happy, and always positive.

But honestly, this whole racial segregation that is happening in Malaysia (and at school even) is ridiculous.

I went to a all girl school, i can safely say we had 98% malays and about 2% different races.

Never, has it ever been an issue that someone was bullied or treated less for being a different race. I myself am a mix of various different races, and i don’t feel that it has had anything to do with who i am today. It all depends on how you were raised.

If you were raised by bigots. Most probably you will probably be petty and not understand what Malaysia is all about.

When i was standard 2, my bestfriend Siti had a fight with a chinese boy, because he called our ‘Agama Room’ bilik Ikan and she got upset to the point of tears (backstory, there was a picture of a fish on the door).. But even then, i remember thinking to myself, that why is she getting so upset that someone is so stupid, that they don’t respect you? Crying bloody murder to someone who is already stupidly ignorant, is not going to make them somehow smarter.

People should take the time to educate each other, and use your words.. instead of immediately taking offence and getting all upset. Chill, take a breather and reflect… Maybe mamat ni tak expose to manners? Or dia memang nak provoke, why wanna get offended, be the bigger person.. because if you don’t fuel the fire, the fire will eventually die out.