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TV Addict.

The quality of shows on TV have increase dramatically over the last few years… thanks to game changers like Game of Thrones, everyone else seems to have amped up their game.

Here’s a list of shows i’m currently following.
– Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
Story line is O-K, not amazing, but i suppose they are still trying to figure out how to stand alone from the movies… I’m still willing to give it a couple more episodes before i give up on it.

– Once upon a time
Storyline keeps getting better and everything always ties back together (unlike LOST/HEROES)… LOVE solving all the little puzzles/HATE watching it with people who don’t pay attention, because i end up having to recap everything from season 1 until recent events.. only to have him forget it all in the next episode. Urgh.

– Supernatural
Dean + Sam + Castiel = Nuff Said.

– The Originals

– The Vampire Diaries
Damon SmolderHolder.

– Once upon a time in Wonderland
Same recipe of awesomeness as Once Upon a Time. Plus a Genie.

– Greys Anatomy
More drama and people almost dying… Classic Greys. Too many characters now, i feel like April Kepner doesn’t get enuff screen time anymore.

– How i met your mother
Slowly but steady decrease

– Real Husbands of Hollywood
Soooo funnny.. MUST WATCH!

– Moms
Anna Faris single shot at making it on TV. Not bad so far.

– The Millers
Overprotective mom, Idiot dad… and Jayma Mays trying to be funny. It’s ok to watch so far.

– Nashville
I am hugely invested in this show.. it is really doing well. The music is amazing… LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Stuff i keep downloading but have no time to catch up.
– Chicago Fire
– Arrow
– Revenge
– Almost Human

Stuff i’ve stopped watching
– The New Girl (There is only so much cutesy annoying-ness that i can accept.)


Beam him out Scottie.

Last night Scott Mcintyre got kick off American Idol. I have to say he was one of my early favourites but i was afraid he would never leave.

Bye bye Scott. You shall be missed.

YAaY MORE ADAM and GOKEY!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

and how amazing was Adam Lambert???!! He was so otherworldly with the blue lighting on him and his beautiful voice singing his version of Mad World (ori by Tears for Fears).

Geeky for Gokey!!

Full_DannyGokeyI freaking LOVE Idol contestant Danny Gokey!!

He sang one of my FAVOURITE SONGS EVER, What Hurts the most by Rascal Flatts. Wah jatuh cinta..

As with most idols, they all have some sort sad sob story but Danny’s story is so sad and moving. *Sob* In case you didn’t know, his wife had passed away 3 months before his auditions and he was a mess during the auditions but with the help of his bestfriend (who unfortunately didn’t make it to the top 36) he managed to pull through.

If i were american… i would vote. Since im not i’ll just pretend i did and support him anyway.

Go Go Gokey!!

I love 80’s TV!!

Watching TV (not astro… just TV) once in awhile DOES come in handy!!

8TV is currently playing the 80’s popular series, 21Jump Street!!!!

If you are my age, you probably don’t remember it. Cuz we were too young to watch it.

UNLESS, like me, you are an obsessive JOHNNY DEPP Stalker. πŸ˜›


21 Jump Street is a series where the HOTHOTHOT Johnny Depp plays a young undercover police officer at a highschool.

Johnny Depp?? In blue jeans and leather jackets??

Every Saturday
11.45pm – 12.45am!!!


Just had to put johnny here one more time ^_^


I Wanna Go!!

Who wants to go wit me?? angkat keybod!

I LOST MY ATM CARD!! and went into full panic mode cuz i only had a few coins in my wallet.

only to find it later at home… underneath my keyboard. -__-

Crisis Averted!! πŸ˜€

Heroes is ON HIATUS until 23 April!!! WAH!! what am i going to do for one and a half months?? I think im going to have ‘Heroes Withdrawal Syndrome’. Meaning i’ll be moody every Monday/Tuesday. And probably won’t be able to hang out with E2 cuz he reminds me of Hiro Nakamura.

E2 Nakamura

Hiro Baharuddin.

COINCIDENCE? i think not.

I’m Starting to see a trend in my post these days. haha.

Owh, please let peter be ok…. 😦 SYLAR IS EVIL!! *Owh, and i hope Mohinder is ok too.*

Here’s my current avatar which is the envy of/irritating everyone on my yahoo list.

I know i’m shameless ^_^