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The 30 week breakdown.

This pregnancy has been by far the hardest time emotionally for me. Which is a weird and i can’t explain it.Β Because if you sit down to think about it, I’m so much better equipped to navigate this. WHY?

  • Because i’ve done this before… you’d think it would be easier. Wrong.
  • Because i have a better support system now, lots of other moms to talk to… but i feel like they don’t really understand what i’m going through right now. Because honestly, i don’t understand it.
  • Because i earn way more now then i did when i had Mahdi (because i was unemployed at the time). So why do i feel like i have less?
  • Because I have a way bigger house now. In fact, almost double the sqft. But why don’t have enough space to put the baby stuff?

I know this all sounds like i’m bragging and complaining at the same time… but i’ve been having sudden meltdowns when i do nothing but sob uncontrollably. And as i said, i can’t even explain what is making me feel this way.

I’m honestly hoping it’s a phase… and i’ll stop feeling like i’m going to explode.