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Letter to my son #4

Dear Darling Mahdi,
Happy Birthday to you! It’s been a true joy watching to grow and develop your personality this year. 

You are curious, inquisitive, and always open to ideas. I can also see strong leadership qualities in you that i’m sure will only grow with your new role as a big brother.

Unfortunately, you are also flexing some other qualities that scare me. Stubbornness, independence, adventurousness… All these scare me, because i never want you to get hurt. But i guess i need to let you grow up eventually.

We ARE excited that you will soon have your first school day. And i hope you make a ton of friends. 

This year you also learnt that not everyone is nice. Some are mean, and born bullies. I pray you stay strong and not let the haters get you down. Always lean on me and ayah for advice and if you are feeling blue.

Here’s to another great year. 

So much love,



Ikea Christmas

This IKEA ad is just the sweetest thing.

It’s a great reminder to me that i need to take some time out of my day to play Or read a book with Mahdi. We all have those moments when we are winding down from a long day at the office, and the last thing you wanna do is play trains.

I really want to be there are my kids, and although i can’t be there all the time, i’d like to make the time i have count for something.

Standing your ground.

Any parent of a toddler will tell you that it gets really tough.

They are opinionated, stubborn, unwilling to listen and did i mention stubborn? Honestly, where is my sweet adorable baby who used to latch on to every word i spoke? sigh.

Today the battle revolved around food. Meals are a constant struggle in our house. Mahdi’s really picky and practically eats like a bird. sometimes i’m amaze at where he gets his energy from… because it can’t be from the two bites of bread he ate from breakfast, OR the 3 nibbles of noodles he had for lunch. sigh.

Being a parent IS SO HARD SOMETIMES. But insanely worth every aggravating moment.

you MAD bruh?

Holiday Holiday! Oy Oy Oy!

This weekend, we had our annual Girls and Mahdi roadtrip.
Unfortunately Aunty Awesome (mashi) couldn’t make it. So it was just me, my mom and Mahdi.

It was a BLAST!!

We went to Bayou Lagoon Resort in Melaka, and spent one night in the studio apartment with a Jacuzzi! (Thanks Agoda!)
The room was delightful, and huge! We spent a chunk of our time just chilling indoors, but the best part about the resort is the amazing Water Park which is FREE for guest!

Unfortunately for us, Mahdi has recently developed a fear of swimming pools (not, sure why… he used to love swimming). So we had to make a pitstop at Padang Pahlawan Mall and Toys R us for some incentives (AKA Water Guns) and also we needed to eat. 😛

1233956_10152440017326167_4222374255154501903_n - CopyThe Result? WaterPark + New Toys = A HAPPY TOT!
10685456_10152438026266167_9095924296884859882_n - CopyWe had so much fun, and many memories of Mahdi’s first WaterPark experience. As for the resort, there were definitely some lacks in safety from what i can see. But as long as you can look after your own kid, should be ok.
1621722_10152439944896167_3425868705605054345_n - CopySo sad the fun is over! More pics at #girlsandmahdiroadtrip on instagram