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Why we need to BREAK-UP with YOU.

It’s like that ex-boyfriend who at one point, ruled your entire world, but suddenly, there are these rumours that say he’s been cheating on you. ย He swears he doesn’t know that girl and his buddies Zahid, Maslan and KJ all chime in to defend him.

Then various other people pop up saying that he’s seen your guy around with various women, and it’s tough to believe but still, they could be vicious psychotic liars, and you trust your man.

One day it’s revealed that he has like 2.6BILLION texts from various girls on his personal phone! But he says they are all just friends. But you really can’t trust him anymore because there has been soooo much cagey stuff that’s happened.

So you need to break up with him cuz you can’t trust him to take care of you or tell you the truth, how can he carry on being in yourย future? Plus, in all cases of dealing with loser boyfriends… Girl, You deserve so much better.

If i can’t date you, you can’t lead my country. Don’t we deserve better?