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34 Weeks.

Only 6 weeks to go and i’m happy to announce that most of the things on my list has been cleared!

  • We’ve managed to move some stuff around, and found some space for the new addition.
  • We’ve settled on a hospital, KJMC. Been there twice so far for check ups, and i’m feeling pretty good about it.
  • We are officially free of boxes. We sent off the last of the storage boxes down to in laws in ipoh.
  • We’ve set up an account on Carousell, to sell off additional items that we can’t find space for. Take a look.
  • Bought a diaper bag.

Now we just need to….

  • Assembled the crib.
  • Source a car seat to buy.
  • Buy a pump.
  • Pack hospital bag
  • Handover work!

We are all systems go! Now if only the haze would go away so we can spend some wonderful time outdoors.


The 30 week breakdown.

This pregnancy has been by far the hardest time emotionally for me. Which is a weird and i can’t explain it. Because if you sit down to think about it, I’m so much better equipped to navigate this. WHY?

  • Because i’ve done this before… you’d think it would be easier. Wrong.
  • Because i have a better support system now, lots of other moms to talk to… but i feel like they don’t really understand what i’m going through right now. Because honestly, i don’t understand it.
  • Because i earn way more now then i did when i had Mahdi (because i was unemployed at the time). So why do i feel like i have less?
  • Because I have a way bigger house now. In fact, almost double the sqft. But why don’t have enough space to put the baby stuff?

I know this all sounds like i’m bragging and complaining at the same time… but i’ve been having sudden meltdowns when i do nothing but sob uncontrollably. And as i said, i can’t even explain what is making me feel this way.

I’m honestly hoping it’s a phase… and i’ll stop feeling like i’m going to explode.