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2016 Resolutions

Yes. It’s cliche but i think it’s good to take some time to think about what is important and plan on what we wish to achieve in the coming year. 

Here is my shortlist..

– Learn to eat better. This may mean eating your vegetables (Yuck) but your children are watching you and they notice that you go around all things green.

– Be a better wife. Having two kids who constantly need attention, sometimes i forget about my original big baby. 😏 

– Put down the iPhone/iPad. Because if you can’t put down candycrush soda, how will you get Mahdi to stop watching youtube.

– Be nicer to mama. She means well. I think.

– Drink your MILK! So you can keep making milk for Ms Aurora.

– Do more vectors. Follow @pxlprty to see if i keep this resolution.

– Create an award winning campaign! 

– Travel more. Alone. Together. Or with kids. 

– Exercise. Or at least try to.

– Save money!! 2015 was a terrible year financially.. Here’s hoping that 2016 is a lot better.

That’s all i can think of for now. I’m sure i can add on to the list as the year goes on.
Wishing everyone a Happy 2016. 


November is here!

Let me just say how super excited I am about November…

I’m promising myself i would make a real effort starting from today, that i would;

– eat less carbs
– Go to the gym at least once a week.
– try to cook breakfast and dinner for Muuzi everyday, not just once in awhile.
Wish me luck! πŸ˜€
ps: My baby boy is 10 months old today. He’s is honestly growing up to be quite the young prince charming. He loves to kiss my cheeks and nibble on my chin with his 4 little teeth. I love him SO much. it’s unreal that we could love someone so much.


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Project Me Me Me.

Ever since i’ve started working again, ive decided to be kind to myself and start rewarding myself from time to time. I’ve also decided to put some serious effort into my appearance, because lets face it. i’ve definitely been too comfortable and i’ve let myself go. (as you can see in this picture taken below.)

As you can CLEARLY see in this picture
– my hair is dry and gross.

– I’m horrendously overweight… last night i scaled in at a whopping 90kgs.   Woh.
– my skin is dull and pale
– my back hurts all the time
– my bones are creaky (ok, this cannot see, but im telling you)
– as you can see, my neck is slowly vanishing as my chin expands. Not acceptable.
– and somehow i feel like my teeth have moved and my gums are receding, making my more ‘jongang’ than i previously was.

And to be fair, most of these are due to poor maintenance of myself after giving birth
ie: not drinking enuff milk. hence the creaky bones and the receeding gums due to an iron defiency i had during my pregnancy
my gym membership has been on hold for the past few months, so this November its going to be reactivated. And i will have no excuse but to go and get fit! 

I’ve been slowly paying more attention my skin and hair, more conditioning, using moisturizer before i sleep, those kind of things. However i found this GNC Hair, Skin & Nails Formula Supplement… does anyone know if it works? I was thinking of trying it out and see if it works. I’ve read mostly positive reviews so far.

I also recently had a haircut with bangs, which helped frame my face back a bit… so it doesn’t look as huge as it did in the above photo.

As for my teeth, it’s pretty obvious the solution is ‘GO TO THE DENTIST’. But i’m stubborn and maybe i tiny bit afraid.. Which is so embarrassing as i am a grown woman.

Haih, no worries. Slowly but surely, i am going to fix all these things about myself, and hopefully be the happier, and no doubt hotter wife and mother. πŸ™‚
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If you can’t beat them, join them…

I have decided to take a new approach to my situation…

While i find a way to loose all this extra weight, i am just going to see the glass as half full.

Example: Instead of going ‘F*** you im not pregnant!’, i’m going go ‘Hey, thank you for the free seat’..

Life feels brighter already πŸ™‚

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I’m currently losing a battle with myself…

Everyday, i’m looking, therefore feeling more, and more… like a makcik.
Not Makcik like… ‘hi, this is ayesha, my makcik’ but more like… ‘hi, this is ayesha, THE MAKCIK’…
In a effort to please my elders, i have started to dress a certain way… mostly, because it makes them happy, and secondly, i dont really want to argue about style.. because it would be pointless, and lastly, i havent lost my ideal amount of weight since the pregnancy, and frankly, im still wearing most of my maternity clothes.
I feel my self esteem has taken a dive for the worst, i dont feel like going out, because i have nothing to wear, and i dont really want to meet up with people, cuz i feel awkward out there in public.
And now, whenever i do get a chance to shop, i don’t… because i feel pretty things look ridiculous on me. And i feel horrible most of the time…. the only new clothes i get is if people buy them for me, and it’s usually too big, but i wear them anyway….. until one day i realise, to my horror… it has started to fit.
I don’t feel like that confident, funny girl, who bagged this amazing man.. I am not this shy recluse, whos more snide than funny… I am not a MAKCIK. I refuse to go down with out a fight.
So starting today!! Im going to work on losing the FRUMPY-ness…
No more giant BROWN clothes… that look, and feel like burlaps.
No more excuses about not going to the gym…..
No more living like a hermit, and refusing to go out..
No more.
I absolutely refuse to feel insecure about how i look anymore… it’s not like me. If i can do something about it, i damn well will do it.

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My 30 before 30 list

In a few days, i turn 27 years old. Gaaaahhhhhh…

It’s so crazy how this last few years have just flown by… and in three years, i’ll be reaching the big 3-0, so i thought it would be fun to make a list of things have yet/would like to accomplish before i turn 30.

Obviously, i’ve done the big ticket items… like, get married, get a baby. But there’s SO MUCH MORE that i want to achieve/do before i turn 30..

1. Own a house
2. Learn to cook awesome Nasi Lemak.
3. Get a cat!
4. Go hiking
5. Reach your target weight!!!
6. Master cooking up a gourmet 5-course meal.
7. Learn to surf.
8. Go Deep Sea Diving
9. Start a business
10. Learn Yoga
11. Create a canvas acrylic painting
12. Fly a kite
13. Own something ridiculous
14. Go to Phuket
15. Take dancing lessons.
16. Go to Greece
17. See a historic monument
18.Visit the relatives in the UK
19. Spend an entire day at a spa
20. Rock out at a foreign music festival.
21. Master a karaoke song. Flawlessly.
22. Learn guitar.
23. Learn to sew my own clothes.
24. Actually drive out of town… (amazingly haven’t done this yet)
25. Go fruit/apple picking in an orchard with Mahdi.
26. Learn a foreign language.
27. Watch the cherry blossoms bloom in Japan
28. Try fancy sushi/sashimi (not the generic crabmayo ones)
29. Bathe in a waterfall
30. Have another baby. πŸ™‚