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Midnight Rant

When someone proclaims ‘I’m an advocate for Breastfeeding’.
It makes me wonder what does that even mean?

Unless you have documentation or are a certified lactation consultant you have no business offering your take on what makes a good mother.

Everyone already knows breastfeeding is good for their babies. And obviously everyone wants their kids to be healthy and give them the best. Unfortunately sometimes people just cant follow thru with the hardships of breastfeeding, and i don’t blame them. It is the HARDEST thing to do, i swear labour contraction is nothing compared to having engorged breast, bleeding nipples and mastitis (ouch).
Personally, I endure breastfeeding, because i feel my kids will benefit from it. But i really feel its not my or anyone else’s place to judge what other mothers want to do with their kids. I’m sure they have debated and have their own reasons to not breastfeed. So all those so called ‘advocates’ should keep their opinions to themselves.
Same goes for those ‘advocates’ for co-sleeping, baby-wearing, holistic, early-weening, organic-know-it-alls.
I’m an advocate for just keeping my mouth shut.

PMS gives me strength.

PMS gives me strength.

Maybe it’s just biological, or maybe having your period makes more alert of all the idiots out there. However could also be from the lack of sleep, since Mahdi woke up at 3am and puked milk all over the bed. -_-.

Multiple issues were brought to my attention this morning, and it has me in a pissy mood.

Anyhow, here’s short list of things that piss me off today.

  • People saying that our young are screwed, because they are brought up playing iPads, instead of playgrounds. I get this, but seriously, have you seen the conditions of your local playground? I know mine is terrible, and we still try and find time to bring Mahdi there once in awhile. But i understand this is a luxury that many don’t have. We really can’t compare what we had back then, and what our children have.
  • Seeing pictures of Miley Cyrus that look like this on the internet…. Too many things piss me off about this picture that i don’t even know where to start.
    • Idiot customers who complain sarcastically on facebook, seriously, i don’t bloody have time to figure out if you are being sarcastic or not. I am trying to help your stupid ass, so some common courtesy and manners would be really helpful in me solving your problems.
    • Comments like this on Kim Kardashian’s photo of her daughter North West.

North West
North West commentsDisgusting people. Simply disgusting. I get why people don’t like Kim, her family or Kanye…. but wishing a baby would die, or be gassed? DISGUSTINGLY, FOUL HORRIBLE PEOPLE.

After making this list, it is clear that all my anger and annoyance all stems from the basic absence of humanity, humility and common sense… which i blame the internet for desensitizing this generation. People think if they are behind a keyboard, they can say anything, poke fun at things in the privacy of their homes and aliases.

Being a social media manager, i definitely see more than my fair share of cyber bullying, fueled by ignorance in humanity and manners. I think we should have social media etiquette classes thought at a school level. Something like moral studies, but for the future internet savvy generation.

It’s the only thing that would make sense.

The Preschool Nightmare

So it has begun..

Muuzi and me have been putting off enrolling Mahdi in preschool for awhile now. Since everytime i think about paying someone i don’t know to take care of my boy, i keep feeling his much better off being with people who genuinely love him.

It’s no secret that i stopped working and stayed home with Mahdi for the first 9 months of his life, and once i got a job, my mom took over. And honestly it’s been great. He is happy and knows that he is greatly loved.

But now he’s a rambunctious 15 month old, who weighs around 10KG’s, and vs. my mom who is 56 years old… who is easily tired out and prone to severe backpains from carrying him around.

So as much as it annoys me to have someone else take care of my boy. It has to be done. sigh.

But that is only half of my problem.


It’s honestly almost as expensive as my degree at MMU.  And honestly.. he’s only 1.3 years old! I’m not expecting him to be a rocket scientist. I just want a place for him to meet other kids and maybe sing songs and play with some blocks.

These ‘schools’ are trying to shove religion, science, and maths programmes down these kids throats.

It’s insane. They even have exams…..


i don’t remember learning anything important in kindergarten. Mostly just gluing stuff together and a whole LOT of colouring with crayons.

Is it too much to ask for a normal clean and safe preschool with happy kids, with song and dance and learning thru play which isn’t an insane RM1000/a month, is that an absolutely ridiculous request?

Check out this article for futher info: http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/childcare-costs-squeezing-malaysias-middle-class-pockets/

Baby genius
What do you mean the stock market for teddy’s is going down!!??

Time Lapse rant.

If there was one thing i could change about my past, it’s the fact that i never had any savings as a child.

Any money i did have was used to support my family, pay for my education or spend frivolously on dumb things.

I feel jealous when i see my friends who’s parents worked hard in collecting a little comfortable nest egg for their kids. So they can pay for Uni, or buy a house later in life.

Now in trying to buy our house, it seems so difficult since we don’t have RM40,000 just laying around to pay the deposit. And all the things that the government put in place to ‘help’, doesn’t really help at all.

As if it’s not bad enuff the prices of the houses in Malaysia are borderline insane… i mean, half a million for an apartment in Sungai Buloh…. REALLY!???

I mean, If we can afford the monthly repayments of a 100% loan, WHY can’t we get a 100% LOAN?? It’s so freaking unfair.

You can be sure that I’m not going to let Mahdi have this issue when he grows up. Image

The trouble with getting older.

I spent the day in OU with Mashi yesterday, we were walking and talking about silly girly stuff when suddenly she GASPED in horror as she reached out and pointed out a single grey hair on my head.

I should have smacked her. (jk mashi, lol)

My FIRST UBAN!!! Holy crap, it’s a total wake up call!

I am 27 years OLD!

is it normal for people to have grey hairs at 27? I’m so paranoid now. Haih.

Shut Up, I’m Fabulous!!

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Wardrobe suicide.

Argh i am having the worst luck lately.

two of my bags and a pair of my favourite flats have committed suicide. My flats practically broke in half (still wondering how thats possible) and my bags seem to have developed this condition where all the leather/pvc bits have started to peel. both at the same time.

My fave Charles and Keith bag.
gross. -_-
i wonder what is triggering this effect. is my shoulder made of acid? i really have no clue.
now i have to add buy flats, and new bag on my list of this months to-do list.

my problem is im really cheap, and i dont really like buying flats. somehow i always end up buying a pair of fancy heels instead.

i wear flats because its comfortable, and its safer to carry mahdi around if im not worried about tripping over myself.

but i much rather spend my money on something i genuinely like. furthermore, i find flats to be slightly more expensive than heels somehow. which is somewhat weird to me.

I mean, honestly which would you pick?

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Project Me Me Me.

Ever since i’ve started working again, ive decided to be kind to myself and start rewarding myself from time to time. I’ve also decided to put some serious effort into my appearance, because lets face it. i’ve definitely been too comfortable and i’ve let myself go. (as you can see in this picture taken below.)

As you can CLEARLY see in this picture
– my hair is dry and gross.

– I’m horrendously overweight… last night i scaled in at a whopping 90kgs.   Woh.
– my skin is dull and pale
– my back hurts all the time
– my bones are creaky (ok, this cannot see, but im telling you)
– as you can see, my neck is slowly vanishing as my chin expands. Not acceptable.
– and somehow i feel like my teeth have moved and my gums are receding, making my more ‘jongang’ than i previously was.

And to be fair, most of these are due to poor maintenance of myself after giving birth
ie: not drinking enuff milk. hence the creaky bones and the receeding gums due to an iron defiency i had during my pregnancy
my gym membership has been on hold for the past few months, so this November its going to be reactivated. And i will have no excuse but to go and get fit! 

I’ve been slowly paying more attention my skin and hair, more conditioning, using moisturizer before i sleep, those kind of things. However i found this GNC Hair, Skin & Nails Formula Supplement… does anyone know if it works? I was thinking of trying it out and see if it works. I’ve read mostly positive reviews so far.

I also recently had a haircut with bangs, which helped frame my face back a bit… so it doesn’t look as huge as it did in the above photo.

As for my teeth, it’s pretty obvious the solution is ‘GO TO THE DENTIST’. But i’m stubborn and maybe i tiny bit afraid.. Which is so embarrassing as i am a grown woman.

Haih, no worries. Slowly but surely, i am going to fix all these things about myself, and hopefully be the happier, and no doubt hotter wife and mother. 🙂
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